Little Tikes gets arty

You’ll be amazed at what you can create with things lying around the house – and a little bit of imagination! Bring some of your favourite characters to life, as we show you how to become a whizz with a pencil and crayons!

  • Give the nation's favourite dinky car its own personality! Learn how to draw a Cozy Coupe©!

  • Get the magic down on paper! Follow our easy-peasy guide and draw a beautiful unicorn in all the colours of the rainbow!

  • Impress your pack - watch our step-by-step instructions and create the coolest dino on the block! Upload your pictures to Instagram using #ALittleHelpFromLittleTikes and don’t forget to let us know where in the UK you are Playing Big!

Little Tikes in the kitchen

  • Spaghetti monsters!

    Have fun helping in the kitchen and see what exciting monsters you can create!

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  • Go Bananas pudding!

    It's pudding time! Gather all your ingredients and let's all go BANANAS!

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  • Make yummy lemonade!

    Enjoyed in the garden or between fun activities indoors, homemade lemonade is a winner!

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  • Make oh-so colourful cupcakes!

    Little budding chefs deserve a sweet treat! They’ll love knocking up these easy peasy sugary delights!

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  • Fruity faces!

    Let’s have some healthy fun indoors! Arrange various pieces of fruit on a plate to make some funny fruity faces! Why not try adding a fruity face to your cereal or a pancake!

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Little Tikes gets crafty

  • Make your own rainbow!

    Raise your rainbow game! Show your appreciation for our NHS and paint a rainbow! Why not add a cute cloud or a dancing unicorn?

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  • Make your own props and host a great big celebration!

    It's a party and everyone's invited! Get ready for your event by making your own bunting and other props to add to the excitement on the day!

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  • Get ready for the race!

    Tell your friends, go online or head out to your garden, and get in the race! It's the first ever Cozy Coupe© Giant Race! On your marks, get set, GO!

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  • Make paper aeroplanes!

    Paper aeroplanes are heaps of fun to make! But how far will yours fly? Follow our easy step-by-step guide to create your own and find out! Using the template, colour in your paper aeroplane first, or you could even design your own!

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Little Tikes games

  • It's all a bit puzzling!

    Get your brain in gear! Challenge your family with these fun, simple puzzles - see how quickly you can all solve them!

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  • Make Cozy Coupe sock puppets!

    Stretch big imaginations even further – stage a puppet show for the family! Have fun creating colourful sock puppets!

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  • Play this classic party game!

    Cozy's missing his big smile! Can you help him find it? Blindfold the player, spin them around and challenge them to pin the face on the Cozy Coupe©!

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  • It's a perfect match!

    Test your memory! Print out, colour in and cut out these fun cards before placing them face down and seeing how many you can match up!

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Little Tikes magic and science

  • Blow their mind with science!

    Science is everywhere with lots of opportunities to learn! Little ones will love these simple and fun experiments!

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  • Let's make magic!

    Got a mini magician at home? Discover why learning magic is great for kids and get hints and tips to help them with their tricks!

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