About the range

Tobi™ is back with a new range of interactive toys for aspirational and active kids!

The award-winning Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch was a tough act to follow, but it’s certainly had a run for its money with Tobi™ 2! This new range includes a brand-new smartwatch with innovative features and a bubbling personality. With 100+ emotive expressions, two built-in cameras and innovative active games (with a special head-to-head device pairing mode), the Tobi™ 2 Robot Smartwatch is the perfect gift for the coolest kids. But that’s not all Tobi™ 2 has to offer. For aspiring performers, the Tobi™ 2 Interactive Karaoke Machine offers both a stage and an audience, with its familiar and enthusiastic robot face and four unique play settings, including Bluetooth compatibility to play whatever song they like! However, for kids that prefer movies more than music, the Tobi™ 2 Director’s Camera could be the perfect present this year! Featuring fun green-screen options and two HD cameras, your little director will be all set to create and star in their very own film! 

Before playing with Tobi, please check for available firmware updates by copying the following link into your browser: www.littletikes.com/tobi2

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  • Head-to-head

  • Photos and videos

  • Get moving!

  • 100+ expressions

  • Grown up time

  • Tobi 2 Directors Camera
  • Tobi 2 Karaoke Machine
  • Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch

About the range

Tobi Robot Smartwatch combines all the interactive features of a smartwatch with a playful robot that’s packed with personality.

The award-winning Tobi Robot Smartwatch is a must-have gift item. With 100+ facial expressions, fun sound effects, and moving arms and legs, kids will find it easy to engage with the watch’s many features. It has two cameras, can store 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video, and includes a range of interactive games, each designed to nurture important aspects of health and education. With its built-in pedometer, your child can begin to understand the importance of being active while being encouraged by the emotive robot and its energetic games. They can dance, take selfies, pair their watch with others, and even dive into augmented reality, exploring new and exciting worlds. As well as 50+ analogue/digital clock faces, the Tobi Robot Smartwatch comes with a wrist strap and a clothing clip, which transforms into a display stand when needed. Parents will love setting alarms and reminders for their kids through this robotic watch, introducing them to responsibility and time-management skills which will serve them later in life.

-Before playing with Tobi, please check for available firmware updates here: https://www.littletikes.com/blog/tobi-firmware-instructions/

Explore more
  • 100+ emotive expressions

  • Store 3,000 photos

  • Two built-in cameras for video and photos!

  • Encourages active play!

  • Engaging, educational and interactive

  • Augmented reality and learning games

  • Learn to play with Tobi
  • Fun games to play with Tobi
  • Capture the moment!

Loaded with apps and games

Fitness A-B Seek.
This is an augmented reality game where you match letters to objects.
Fitness Freeze Dance
Dance along with Tobi, but don't forget to freeze when the music stops.
Fitness Tobi Says
Copy Tobi's moves and see how many you can get in a row.
Set activity goals for the week and view your progress.
Games Tobi Time
Tell the time by reading the analog clock and entering the correct time.
Games A-Maze-Ing Balance
Move Tobi around to guide the coloured balls into the correct holes.
Games Smash Math
Solve Tobi's math problems before the time runs out.
Games Tic-Tac-Tobi
Challenge Tobi to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.
Send pictures and Emojis to paired Tobi devices.
Send voice messages to a paired Tobi device and add silly voice effects.
Take photos using Tobi's dual P.O.V. and selfie cameras.
View you photos and add silly stickers.
Record video using Tobi's dual P.O.V. and selfie cameras.
Watch your recorded videos.
Calendar and Timer
Alarm clock - set up to three different alarms with custom wake up sounds.
Calendar and Timer
See what day it is and add stickers to mark special occasions.
Calendar and Timer
Timer - use preset timers or create your own.
Calendar and Timer
Stopwatch - time yourself doing activities with your Tobi.
Set Tobi's date, time, language, volume and brightness.
Update Tobi's software.
Name your Tobi device.
Pair with other Tobi devices.
See how Tobi is feeling.
Decorate Tobi's room with rewards and other decorations you've unlocked.
Earn stars as you play games and activities with Tobi. Earning stars unlocks photo stickers, decorations for Tobi's room, food to feed Tobi and new animations.
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