Is your rockstar ready to set the stage?

The My Real Jam range features a fantastic collection of toy musical instruments for little ones to enjoy their favourite songs, or make their own!

With the Free play setting, your little one plays their toy and produces realistic sounds in their own unique melody. However, if they want the spotlight to be on their amazing playing skills, the Solo jam setting might be what the crowd need! In addition, this Bluetooth-enabled range lets you play your little one’s favourite songs, ensuring there’s something for every aspiring rock star. 

Four ways to rock out!

Free play: your little rockstar can enjoy learning the different sounds without any influence (other than their own creativity!)
Solo play: when they’re ready, little rockers can compose a show-stopping solo on their favourite musical toy.
Play with the band: with a group of friends, your little one can form their very own band, setting the stage for long-lasting friendships and hours of fun.
Play any song: using Bluetooth, you can play your little rockstar’s favourite songs through their toy instrument so they can imagine what it’s like to be one of their idols!

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Cool packaging!

It doubles as a reusable instrument case – handy for packing up and heading on to their next gig!

My Real Jam!

There’s something for every aspiring little rock star!

Explore the range

Explore the My Real Jam range

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