Monthly Milestones 5 – 8

In our second instalment of Month-by-Month milestones, Emma Kenny takes us through some of the experiences you and your little one can expect during their development. She also offers expert advice on and how you can help.

MONTH 5 – Your little one may be…

  • Rolling over
  • Playing with their hands, feet and toys around them
  • Saying ‘ma’ and ‘da’


Emma says: At this stage babies like to really get involved in their play – as they start to be able to hold toys for themselves. The Shake ‘n Rattle Crabbie Asst is a perfect simple yet effective toy to encourage this stage.


MONTH 6 – Your little one may be…

  • Imitating sounds
  • Sitting with support
  • Rolling in both directions


Emma says: Here you can introduce more engaging lights and noises to encourage lots of movement and action!  The Light n’ Go Walker and Activity Table will capture your little one’s attention with its 70+ interactive songs and sounds.


MONTH 7 – Your little one may be…

  • On the go – starting to crawl!
  • Joining sounds such as ‘Ma-Ma’ and ‘Da-Da’
  • Grabbing, grasping, throwing


Emma says: Once your baby is off crawling you’ll feel like you’ll never sit down again!  Toys which encourage this movement are fantastic here – so ones you can push or pull.  The more interactive the better.  The Lil ‘Ocean Explorer Crawl n’ Pop Turtle is a favourite here!


MONTH 8 – Your little one may be…

  • Cruising and crawling
  • Passing larger objects from one hand to the other
  • Shouting directly at you or toys!


Emma says: Encouraging their natural movement is fantastic – so toys with balls which roll are always winners as they usually result in chasing! The Lil ‘Ocean Explorers Stand n’ Dance Starfish helps give the confidence to  stand and much more.


[Please note that babies develop at different speeds and the information below is designed to be a guide. The information is not designed to replace professional medical advice. If you have any concerns it is important that you speak to your Health Visitor or GP]


If you’d like to make each moment memorable, download our fantastic milestone cards to keep track of each milestone your little one reaches.


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