Monthly Milestones 1 – 4

In our first instalment of Month-by-Month milestones, Emma Kenny takes us through some of the experiences you and your little one can expect during the first 4 months of their development. She also offers expert advice on and how you can help.

MONTH 1 – Your little one may be…

  • Lifting their head
  • Responding to sound
  • Staring at faces
  • Using their suck and rooting reflexes


Emma says: Lots of interaction and chatting from you are really important at this stage as your baby is soothed by your presence and voice.


MONTH 2 –  Your little one may be…

  • Gurgling and coo-ing
  • Following objects with their eyes
  • Holding their heads for a short time


Emma says: This is when you can introduce basic toys such as the Giggle Surprise Blocks to encourage them to see the bright colours and black & white patterns.


MONTH 3 – Your little one may be…

  • Be laughing and smiling
  • Gurgling
  • Recognising your face and voice


Emma says:  At this stage babies start to look for a little more to do so it’s a great time to introduce a multi-activity toy such as Newborn Soothe to Play Good Vibrations Gym to stimulate their senses.


MONTH 4 – Your little one may be…

  • Grasping a toy
  • Reaching out with their hands
  • Enjoy some ‘tummy time’


Emma says: This is an excellent time to encourage your baby to have some ‘tummy time’ to help develop their gross motor skills. The Tummy Tunes Giraffe compliments this stage perfectly.


[Please note that babies develop at different speeds and the information below is designed to be a guide. The information is not designed to replace professional medical advice. If you have any concerns it is important that you speak to your Health Visitor or GP]

If you’d like to make each moment memorable, download our fantastic milestone cards to keep track of each milestone your little one reaches.


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