Monthly Milestones 9 – 12

In our final instalment of Month-by-Month milestones, Emma Kenny takes us through some of the experiences you and your little one can expect during the latter stages of their first year. She also offers expert advice on and how you can help.

MONTH 9 – Your little one may be…


  • Using their good vision to see where they want to go
  • Recognising familiar people
  • Independently choosing what they want to play with

Emma says: You can now opt for toys with even more engagement which will stimulate your baby on many levels.  Try the Light n’ Go Activity Garden Treehouse with its 80+ magical features.


MONTH 10 – Your little one may be…


  • Understanding the meaning of basic words such as ‘no’ and yes’
  • Cruising around a room
  • Singling out favourite toys for maximum fun


Emma says: Your baby may start to feel super independent now as they decide what they want to play with and when! Multi-purpose toys give longevity here such as the Lil ‘Ocean Explorers 3-in-1 Adventure Course.


MONTH 11 – Your little one may be…

  • Stand independently
  • Taking their first step
  • Widening their speech and language


Emma says:  Encouraging those first steps is a really great way to achieve this milestone.  Toys such as the Light n’ Go Catchin’ Lights Tiger can be used by you initially to engage and excite, then then by your toddler as and when they start to walk.


MONTH 12 – Your little one may be…

  • Chatting
  • Walking or cruising
  • Playing with some independence


Emma says: Congratulations, you’ve come a long way in the last year! By now it’s likely you have an active, inquisitive, chatty child with a wide range of developmental skills and abilities across all milestones. Well done!


[Please note that babies develop at different speeds and the information below is designed to be a guide. The information is not designed to replace professional medical advice. If you have any concerns it is important that you speak to your Health Visitor or GP]


If you’d like to make each moment memorable, download our fantastic milestone cards to keep track of each milestone your little one reaches.


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