The gift guide: Toys for a three year old

When children hit pre-school age, they really come into their own. At the age of three, playtime becomes a crucial part of their learning and physical development as well as their growing confidence. We cast an eye over the best toys to keep their growing minds busy and nurture their fascination with the world.
At three years old, your little one is likely to be fiercely independent, asking lots of questions and learning more every day about the world around them. Pre-schoolers now, they’re constantly on the move and those unsteady toddling days are long behind them. It’s from this age you’ll really start to notice them playing with friends, rather than alongside them, as they learn to interact directly. If you’re buying for this milestone birthday, the best toys for three year olds facilitate imaginative, cooperative play and further develop their social skills. Here are our favourites:
Tyre Twister Lights

For fast-paced action with all the sound effects to boot, Tyre Twister Lights (£39.99) is a remote control police car with style. Test their development for spatial awareness as they enjoy the lights, sirens and impressive backflips and manoeuvres.  Remove the car from the wheel for easy steer remote control fun.

Swim to Me Puppy

Little ones demonstrate their caring, nurturing side with the Swim To Me Puppy (£29.99). This cute pet swims as soon as he’s put in the water or children can walk him on land just like a real dog. Their speech is coming on at this age and you can even teach them the basic commands for while they’re walking their dog.

Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench

Encourage playdates and watch as they learn to share, communicate and interact with friends. Most toys for three year old boys and girls are designed for imaginative play and to encourage those interactive skills. The Construct ‘n Learn Smart Workbench (£169.99) is the only build-your-own-vehicle workbench that comes with a free downloadable app that uses wireless technology. For hands-on fun that puts learning at the fore, this Smart Workbench is ideal.

Wonder Lab

As far as learning toys for three year olds go, the STEM Jr. range has it all. It gently introduces them to science, technology, engineering and maths through exciting hands-on play. Thanks to their boundless curiosity, pre-schoolers are the perfect age to discover, explore and learn – while having fun. Wonder Lab (£99.99) enables mini scientists to conduct 20 unique experiments, stir up magic and power up the Circuit Centre among many other activities.

Tornado Tower

Another offering from the STEM Jr. range, Tornado Tower (£29.99) is designed to develop children’s cognitive skills, introducing them to their first science experiments. They can use household products to create a lava lamp effect or use water to make a tornado in a bottle. Little ones will love experimenting and learning how and why things work.


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