The gift guide: Toys for a four year old

By age four, children have started building solid friendships and are getting more adventurous by the day. Their confidence and independence is growing and of course a big change is lurking around the corner – the start of school. We’ve collated some of the best presents for four year olds that’ll be much appreciated in these formative years.
At age four, your little whirlwind of energy is markedly determined and strong-minded. By now they’ll likely have favourite colours, characters and food and have opinions on more or less everything – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Their storytelling skills will start to strengthen as they delight in telling you about their day. The good news is that there are plenty of fantastic toys out there to further encourage their learning and provide hours of enjoyment. Here’s our pick of the crop for four year olds:
My First Flyer

As your little explorer begins to understand more of the world around them, their playtime becomes more and more about imagination and exploring. My First Flyer (£34.99) is the perfect present for a four year old girl or boy – it enables budding aviators take to the skies with a simple one-touch remote. Promote gross motor activity as they chase the helicopter. With LED lights and sounds for added excitement, there’s no danger of them becoming bored.

Sport Racer

Chances are your little one will have already developed that need for speed and there’s no better way to indulge it than with their first go cart. The Sport Racer (£109.99) is a sleek-looking front-wheeled pedal car with oversized tyres for safety. A brilliant form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise, the racer also guarantees endless enjoyment.

Builder Bot

The STEM Jr. range was developed to introduce younger children to the topics of science, technology, engineering and maths. Meet Builder Bot (£24.99), the perfect toy to inspire children’s creativity and bring engineering fun. It can be pulled apart and reconfigured in different ways, helping to develop cognitive skills as well as their fine motor movements.

RC Dozer Racer

The RC Dozer Racer (£39.99) is a two-in-one remote control car to take children from pre-school age right up to five years old. It transforms from a racer car to a stunt dozer – they can use ‘racer mode’ to speed around a track or ‘dozer mode’ to tear down buildings. Fill the house with squeals of delight as they race around and try to keep up.

Waffle Blocks Farm

When it comes to toys for four year olds, favour unique takes on classic building fun. Waffle Blocks Farm (£24.99) encourages children to think about spaces and shapes and how they can fit together. By four years old, they can recognise patterns and designs and will feel a real sense of achievement when they’ve created their farm structure. What’s more, waffle blocks help develop their social skills, encouraging them to thrive within a group.


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