On your marks… It’s the Garden Olympics!

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 may have been postponed until next year but we can take inspiration from the renowned sporting event and have fantastic fun creating our very own Garden Olympics!

Little ones will love helping you devise an exciting assault course in your garden or home – and then trying to complete it against the clock! Here, we pull together some creative ideas for your Garden Olympics event to help the kiddies get outdoors and active for fun family fitness!

Plan your opening ceremony

The Olympics wouldn’t be the same without the extravagant and colourful opening ceremony – and your garden games deserve the same celebration! Ahead of your event, have the family sit down to the table and get crafty, making flags, medals, spectator glasses and other items associated with the Olympics. If you’re feeling really artistic, you could even try making an Olympic torch with your little one, while teaching them about its significance. See to it that your opening ceremony is as lively and exciting as can be – go on a parade around the garden to marching music and take this opportunity to display and celebrate their creations.

Let the games begin!

We’re bursting with ideas for fun Olympics-inspired activities your little ones will love competing in! Set out some or all of the below games in your garden using Little Tikes toys or alternative equipment:

Long jump. Our Turtle Sandbox is perfect for this activity! See how far they can jump in the sand! Not to worry if you don’t have a sandpit – use a picnic rug instead.

Shoot some hoops. Set them a challenge of scoring as many baskets as they can in one minute. If you don’t have a Totsports Easy Score Basketball Set, simply throw balls into a bucket!

Race in the car. In their Cozy Coupe©, they can race around a homemade track or do a couple of laps.

Slide into action. Create a short ‘high energy burst’ section where they have to climb and go down their slide five times or jump on the spot for 30 seconds.

Hop scotch. Test their balance and coordination! Use chalk to create a fun hop scotch challenge on the driveway or garden path.

Weave in and out. Place balls or cones in a line across the garden in the run-up to the ‘finish’ marker and have your little athlete use their Gas ‘n Go Mower and weave in and out! This is really simple to do even if you don’t have the Mower!

And the fun needn’t stop there

You could also help the children learn and rehearse a two-minute gymnastics routine to their favourite music. Moves could include forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, hand stands and the bridge! Or perhaps a dance routine might be more their thing? Encourage your little one to dance their heart out in a routine to impress the family!

Plus, don’t forget the closing ceremony for your Garden Olympics. Celebrate the winners – and everyone who took part – download your homemade props and medals! Create a podium so the winners can receive their medals and make their acceptance speech!

We’d love to see your little athletes competing in their Garden Olympics! Send us your pictures on Instagram using #Worldsbiggestplaydate and don’t forget to let us know where in the UK you are Playing Big!


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