Jen and Cub reviews Perfect Fit 4-in-1 #LTTourdeTrike

As a family, we love getting out and about and adventuring as much as we can. Sometimes we head out for the day and explore somewhere new but one of our favourite things is to explore the city we live in, so when Little Tikes approached me about collaborating with them on their ‘Tour de Trike’ campaign, it just ticked all of our boxes. Get out and about and explore the city in which you live in whilst riding around in some pretty sweet wheels!


Caleb has the 4 in 1 trike that is suitable from 9 months to 5 years. The Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike in teal grows with Caleb. First, we can push and steer; but, as Caleb grows, we can steer while he pedals. When he learns to pedal the bike, the waist bar can be removed and Caleb can steer. Last stage is when Caleb pedals and steers all on his own! Then I really will need to wear running trainers at all times!!


It took around an hour to put together and Caleb was so excited! He’s really into vehicles, bikes; anything that has wheels! I’ve honestly not seen him so happy!


The trike is a perfect solution to the times I just want to nip to the local shop, or take Caleb to the park or for a little walk because sometimes I feel mean putting him in his buggy but the walk is just too far for his little legs. Now, it’s fun and he is so keen to get in the trike unlike a pram! I also look forward to when he can peddle it too and the adventures that will take us on.


Read more about Caleb’s adventure or find out more about our Trikes range.

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