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  • Birth - 6 Months

    In the first six months, your bouncing baby will develop rapidly. As they explore their surroundings, bright colours and different textures captivate them at this age.

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  • 6 - 9 months

    Your baby’s about to become a confident little mover – rolling and crawling are on the horizon. Encourage their new-found mobility with toys that engage them physically.

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  • 9 - 12 months

    Your active baby will now want to explore everything and everywhere! Use simple language to help encourage that first word and ensure playtime includes fun games like peek-a-boo.

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  • 12 - 18 months

    Your excitable little one’s coordination has come on leaps and bounds! Once they’re on their feet, they’ll enjoy pushing toys on wheels. Musical instruments and stacking toys are a hit at this age!

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  • 18 - 24 months

    Most children are confident walkers by now! They’ll love burning off that energy by kicking a ball or climbing aboard a ride-on toy car or their first trike!

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  • 24 Months - 3 Years

    Your toddler’s social skills are developing! Encourage their imagination with toys that promote creativity and roleplay, while bigger play sets can help them become more comfortable in group play.

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  • 3 - 4 years

    By now, your little one is improving their ball skills, riding a tricycle, using pencils and scissors and drawing. They will be learning to balance on one foot and hop soon!

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  • 4 - 5 years

    At this age, imagination knows no bounds – anything is possible! They love reading books, playing dress-up and being active with you!

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  • 5 - 6 years

    Play is an important way for your child to learn. They continue to enjoy and develop skills in skipping, jumping, throwing, kicking and catching balls, plus swinging and climbing!

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  • 6 years +

    Communication, physical and emotional skills continue to develop as your child moves through school! And learning through play is just as important as ever!

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