The best toys for outdoor play

Spring has officially sprung, and we are creeping closer to the lighter evenings and warmer nights. It’s the time of year that is loved by all, where little ones relish their time outdoors, keep active and enjoy a whole heap of fun. If you’re looking for the best outdoor toys for little ones, read on to find out which ones can best introduce them to a new-found fun and way of learning.


Playing outdoors gives children a greater appreciation for nature and wildlife, a daily dosage of vitamin D and the opportunity to explore their imagination and the world around them. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors either – play can be made in the back garden or at the local park. Outdoor play can enhance a child’s physical and emotional strength and help develop their coordination skills and confidence in social settings. We like to encourage play at all ages from babies to toddlers and children five years and over.

Here we take a look at our best outdoor toys and explain how they can encourage your child to create play in the outdoors.


Turtle Sandbox



The friendly, vibrant Turtle Sandbox (£49.99) makes for an entertaining time in the garden and is versatile for both sunny and cooler days. Create a beach-like experience with small buckets, spades, shells and plastic animals for an added sensory experience. Digging, building and pouring, there are many ways you can create play with your Turtle Sandbox, with just a little bit of imagination.


Go Green Playhouse



A playhouse is the perfect outdoor toy to encourage learning in an exciting environment. Children have the opportunity to understand more about nature, take ownership of their own playhouse and learn how they can help mummy and daddy in the garden. In the Go Green Playhouse (£249.99), the fun comes in as they look after their own flower garden, water reservoir, solar light and real working sink. It also comes with an activity booklet full of fun and creative ideas to get even greener!


Pop ‘n Splash Surprise


By five years old, it’s important children are given the opportunities to be as socially interactive as they can be. The Fun Zone Pop ‘n Splash Surprise (£69.99) is fun-packed and great for group play. Players take turns to spin the wheel, which will instruct them to either step on the stomp pad, use the hand pump or turn the crank. As they wait in anticipation, the basin will launch water and balls high into the air, providing hours of giggles and keeping little ones on their toes.


Cozy Coupe®



The Cozy Coupe® is one of Little Tikes’ most loved and popular outdoor toys for toddlers, which is why we created a range of super fun cars. Pretty in pink, our Cozy Coupe® Princess (30th Anniversary) (£59.99) is a cute and cool outdoor toy with a pastel pink exterior and a baby blue roof. A working horn, 360-degree rugged wheels and a detachable floor have ensured this toy has remained a firm favourite in the eyes of children everywhere. Give your mini explorer everything they need to spark their creativity and understand the world around them.


My First Drone


A popular outdoor toy for boys and girls alike, My First Drone (£34.99) encourages Little Tikes to take their imagination to new heights. Perfect for preschoolers aged four and five years old, the one-touch remote makes the drone easy to take off, land, turn and stop. Perfect for the outdoors, the drone has auto-hover technology which helps it to stay suspended in mid-air for easy flying. As seen on TV, our popular drone incorporates cool LED lights and sounds for extra fun. Your little one will love feeling completely in control flying free in the air!


Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike


For an all-rounded outdoor toy that grows with your little one, the Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike (Teal) (£89.99) allows your child to go from curious baby to confident toddler and completely independent pre-schooler as they learn to ride step by step. Guide them around town and build their confidence before they start to pedal. Watch on as they very quickly begin to pedal and steer independently around the park.


Little Tikes recognises the importance of outdoor play and the positive impact it has not only on children’s physical development, but their mental wellbeing too. Encourage your child to relish playing in the fresh air and soak up the spring sunshine. Pick the best outdoor toys for your little ones to have hours of fun with and watch them as they appreciate the great outdoors.

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