The best educational toys for young children

It’s that time of year – little ones are excited to get back to school and see their friends, while parents meticulously plan their routines and return to some sort of normality. It’s a time of change for everyone – and it brings so much fun! Whether your child is starting school for the first time or returning after the extended break, there are plenty of educational toys to help encourage their learning and keep it exciting. But did you know… Children are ready for educational toys from as early as six to nine months?!

Here, we look at the best educational toys for kids – whatever their age!

Educational toys for four year olds

The best learning toys for four year olds of course prioritise fun. However, they should also engage them and help them to learn essential skills like language, communication and problem solving. At this age, and in their first year of primary school, choose toys that will build upon what they’re learning in class. Learning should be fun and educational toys are a great tool for reinforcing that learning at home.

Here at Little Tikes, we love our new Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch because of its exciting sounds effects, moving arms and legs and over 100 expressions! But when it comes to educational toys for a four-year-old boy or girl, we believe you can’t beat this innovative robot smartwatch. It encourages kids to get active, developing their physical skills and co-ordination, with a dance game and built-in pedometer! It also encourages their numerical and mathematical skills as they learn to tell the time on over 50 analogue and digital watch faces. Plus, Tobi™ can help develop their organisational skills (parents can set reminders!) and is packed with other fun features, including two cameras to take silly selfies and videos! Find out more about Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch.

At four years old, little ones thrive in role play. Their big imaginations and growing understanding of job roles and responsibilities make for adorable play scenarios! Look to toys that encourage that role play – pretend kitchens and construction benches, for example. For this age group, we recommend our Shop ‘n Learn Smart Checkout, which comes with a real working conveyor belt and a scanner to read groceries. But it’s the cash register and interactive element that really boost the learning fun. Have them identify various foods and practice counting out their pennies at the till!

Our fantastic Cape Cottage is based on similar role play themes. Little ones love playing ‘home’ and in this contemporary playhouse, with working doors and windows and a letterbox, they can really stretch their imagination! Roleplaying in a ‘playhouse’ setting like this is also fantastic for improving social skills and interaction with others, as well as expanding dialogue.

Educational toys for toddlers

For babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, their learning can begin as early as you want it to. Educational toys for a one year old should encourage those ‘firsts’; the moments that will live with you forever more. Our Fantastic Firsts range is designed to create special memories in every first milestone your little one reaches! The 3-in-1 Switcharoo Table grows with them (from six months old) and it has so much going on, they’ll never tire of it! There are two scenes to choose from – a zoo and a school setting – and you can adjust the height so it can be a sit-and-play toy, a stand-up activity or used on the go. This versatile play centre teaches little ones the names of animals and helps with letter recognition too!

Meanwhile, our Little Baby Bum range of toys, which is based on the award-winning educational YouTube channel, is a winner with developing babies and toddlers. Twinkle’s Musical Walker encourages little ones to take those all-important first steps from nine months old. It’s based on Little Baby Bum’s much-loved Twinkle Twinkle Little Star episode and features three ways to play – it’s either a walker, an activity table or a sit-and-play toy! With more than 70 activities, songs and sounds, there’s plenty to keep inquisitive little minds busy.

Take the time to find the right educational toys for your kids and watch them thrive in their learning and develop their ever-growing imagination. They’re never too young to start that wonderful voyage of discovery!

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