Our iconic Cozy Coupe© is still outselling the Ford Fiesta

It’s official! Our famous Cozy Coupe© is once again the nation’s number one-selling car!


Despite new car sales being down in March, our iconic red and yellow car has sold over 85,000 units in the last year, overshadowing the Ford Fiesta! A whopping 1 in 3 children in the UK already own a Cozy Coupe© and we hope that popularity will continue throughout 2020, as little learner drivers hurry to get their hands on the car and make the most of the nice weather we’re having during this lockdown period!



Giving off zero emissions, requiring no tax, costing nothing at the petrol pump and with an RRP of around £59.99 (depending on the model), it’s easy to see why the Cozy Coupe© is so popular. Launched in 1979, it’s stood the test of time! With new designs hitting the market since its launch, there’s one to suit every little personality. For little fairy lovers and those who believe in magic, Cozy Coupe© Fairy is the dream ride and means they can rush all over town sprinkling their fairy dust! Or the Magical Unicorn Carriage, with its rainbow mane and galloping noises, lets them really ramp up the fantasy fun! Got a dinosaur-obsessive in the family? They’ll love leading the herd in Cozy Coupe© Dino! Or little police officers-in-the-making can play out their imagination in Police Response Cozy Coupe© and make sure everyone’s behaving themselves! And the fun doesn’t stop there! There are a whole host of accessories for their Cozy, including the Cozy Pumper – so they don’t run out of fuel!


As kids spend more time injecting play into their homeschooling, it’s no surprise we’ve seen sales of the Cozy Coupe© increase. The car is ideal for imaginative play, nurturing little ones’ inherent thirst for adventure and helping to develop problem-solving skills.


And in true motoring style, it doesn’t just stop with one generation! Because the Cozy Coupe© is such a renowned feature of childhood and imaginative play, it’s perfect for handing down through the generations and can be creatively modified for its new owner! Just use your imagination!





If you’d like to get your hands on one these wonderful cars, head over to the Cozy Coupe© section of our website to get further details on the full range.


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