Little Tikes Makes The World’s First Giant Cozy Coupe!

In the town of Hudson, Ohio a Little Tikes® Cozy Coupe® is manufactured every minute of every day, 50 weeks a year! We’re proud to say that we’ve sold over 22 million units in the last 34 years and today, with worldwide distribution, our Cozy Coupe is one of the most widely recognized children’s toys and one of the most popular cars of all time!

The now-famous Cozy Coupe® was born to proud parents at The Little Tikes Company back in 1979. Weighing in at 19lbs, 12oz and measuring 32.23″ tall, the Cozy Coupe began its lifelong mission of giving little ones the ride of their lives!

Powered by little legs, the Cozy Coupe® boasts impressive rocking-horse-power and significant low-end torque. It also runs on a variety of eco-efficient fuels including milk, juice and biscuits. While the noise level produced has been the cause of some complaints from fractious parents in the small hours of the morning, considering the Little Tikes zero emissions policy, this is a small price to pay.

To celebrate being the best-selling car in the UK in 2012 – wildly outselling the Ford Fiesta – we decided to do something BIG! So big, in fact, that it would require months of dedicated craftsmanship, design skill and the know-how of a dozen toy and engineering experts…..we to fulfill the dreams of many a grown-up and create the world’s first Giant Coupe!

The Giant Coupe is identical to the original in everything but scale – it can easily fit a six foot tall man and is peddled just like its smaller counterpart. The details are all still there, right down to the ignition switch, and our customized number plates.

Once the 3 month construction process had been completed on the Giant Cozy Coupe® we thought what better way to show it off than to take some snaps of it around London, taking in all the best sites and the electric atmosphere of the capital! We got all over town – you might have seen us on Westminster Bridge, in front of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and at Buckingham Palace. We even went to LolliBop Festival! It’s not bragging to say that we turned a few heads!


What a way to celebrate such an iconic and loved toy – we hope you enjoy some of the pictures from the shoot and its top secret build, and enjoy it in all its glory!

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