Host your own Cozy Coupe© Giant Race

We held the World’s Biggest Play Date and everyone was invited!

We might be confined to our homes at the minute but we’ve shown you there’s fun to be found in every corner and in simple household items – all it takes is a bit of imagination and creative flair! For our big event, held on May 16th, we encouraged you to hold your very own Cozy Coupe© Giant Race for your little ones! If you didn’t manage to take part, this is still a brilliant and imagination-encouraging activity you can get them involved in all year-round!

Get ready for the race

Have your little racing driver jump in their Cozy Coupe© and take part in a huge race – either online with friends or in your back garden. Don’t forget there’s plenty you can do to get your little one excited and ready for their big race! Download our fun templates to make your own props to help with the electric atmosphere! A chequered flag can help cheer them across the finish line, and they’ll love accepting their winning trophy as they celebrate on the podium while you heap praise on them!

Let’s all Play Big!

Here’s how the giant race will work! Decide whether you want to take part online with friends or you fancy getting creative in the garden and devising your own fun track to challenge the kids.

Joining the virtual giant race

We’re all becoming so familiar with video calls these days, we thought it would be a great idea to get a group of young friends together online, each sat in their Cozy Coupe©, to take part in our ‘virtual’ Cozy Coupe© Giant Race! Sit your son or daughter in their Coupe, log into whichever video chat you prefer – there’s Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or FaceTime, for example – and invite their friends. Once everyone is online, start your engines and… Go, go, go! We’ve created a background for you to upload for your video chat so you can feel like you’re actually part of the race!

Have dad commentate while everyone races each other around the twisting, turning circuit – let the children know when there’s a speedy straight or a tight turn and see how they can negotiate the course! Don’t forget the pit stops either! Can the pit crew help, or does the driver have to change their own tyres? As they near the end, let the drivers know it’s their last lap – you could even have a podium celebration at the end!

Creating a real-life giant race

Parents – let’s see how creative you are! Create your very own circuit with whatever you have lying around the house or garage. You can mark out a course in the garden or driveway using masking tape and boxes. Be sure to include some fast, straight sections as well as some twisty turns to really test your driver’s ability. Work out how many laps you want the race to include, then see how quickly your little one can complete the course! Help drivers along with some encouraging commentary and sounds effects! Once you’ve finished the course and waved the chequered flag, it’s time to move on to the next circuit! Switch up the course and add in some new turns and obstacles! Don’t forget the pit lane! Create a garage and tell the driver they have to change their own tyres!

We hope you have lots of fun at the Cozy Coupe© Giant Race – however you and your family choose to take part. We want to bring the whole nation together to celebrate Playing Big and create lots of excitement during lockdown! And if cars/racing etc is your little one’s thing, don’t forget we have lots of cars for sale!


Send us your pictures on Instagram using #Worldsbiggestplaydate and don’t forget to let us know where in the UK you are Playing Big!

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