Tummy Time Play

Playing with your baby is so important and it can be really helpful to understand what’s going on in your babies world to ensure you get the best out of your parenting experience.

In the early months so much is happening developmentally and your baby is programmed with a whole host of innate behaviours that means playtime isn’t just a fun interaction between the two of you, but actually an opportunity for developmental progression every time you engage with your child.

Newborn babies can’t focus farther than 8-12 inches away, which is why they are so transfixed by your face. Black and white patterns are particularly easy for your baby to see and their hearing is fully formed, that’s why different noises grab your babies’ attention. The Tummy Tunes Giraffe compliments this stage perfectly. With mirrors to capture your babies’ interest and self-discovery, along with musical rewards, this toy engages your babies’ imagination and encourages development.

Toys like this help your baby get used to the ‘tummy time’ experience, which can initially feel unfamiliar due to your baby being facedown, so join your baby on the floor as it provides an excellent and connected distraction whilst they grow used to this type of play.

Tummy time offers your baby a whole host of benefits that encourage the development of their gross motor skills, leading to greater strength in their back and shoulders and eventually helping them to roll over. As they get a little older, this type of strength will be required to help them move onto crawling behaviours.


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