Meet Nilah and see what she’s been testing

Nilah's name means 'success'. She loves fairy tales, playing catch, writing and drawing, singing lullabies to her teddy, and playing 'mums and babies' with her sister, but she's not a fan of loud noises and shouting.

Nilah has lots of favourites: her favourite colour is pink, and animal, a giraffe. Her yummiest foods are ham, chicken, sausages and chocolate. At home, she loves to be in her bedroom, and her biggest hero is her cousin Ruby. Her first ever word was 'mummy'.

Test 1 - October

Nilah has been busy testing out the Splish, Splash, Sink and Stove. She has really enjoyed playing with this toy and has loved the real running water tap. Watch the video to see Nilah in action.

Test 2 - February

Nilah has loved zipping around on her new scooter. Watch the video to see her putting the scooter through its paces.

Test 3 - March

Nilah has loved being a budding masterchef and cooking up a storm with the Ultimate Cook Kitchen. To watch Nilah cook up a storm you can watch the video here.

Test 4 - April

Nilah has loved playing out in the garden with her brand new Cape Cottage . To see Nilah testing you can now watch her video.

Test 5 - August

Nilah has been soaking up the sun having her lunch outside with her new 2-in-1 wooden sand and picnic table. She has loved being outside and playing with her friends using the sandpit too. To see Nilah testing you can now watch her video.

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