Meet Milly and see what she’s been testing

Milly loves funny faces, the dog, dancing, chewing things, jumping and flying, Disney, animals, cars and fairy tales – phew! She doesn't like clapping and vacuum cleaners though. Her favourite colour is orange and her favourite toy is her Jumparoo.

Milly's name is a variation of her great grandma Molly's name - she's also Milly's biggest hero. Her first word was 'daddy' and her favourite silly word is 'boo'. She likes lions and monkeys and her yummiest food is banana.

Test 1 - December
Milly has been cruising around making lots of noise in her Cozy Coupe Activity Walker. Watch the video here to see Milly in action.
Test 2 - February
Milly has had loads of fun crawling and playing with all the new features on her Activity Garden. Watch Millys video here.
Test 3 - May
Milly has been testing one of our most popular Little Tikes products the 4-in-1 trike. To see how Milly has got on riding around in her new trike you can watch the video here.
Test 4 - July
Milly has loved being a budding musician and banging on her drum. You can see her play here.

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