Meet Finlay and see what he’s been testing

Finlay’s favourite animal is a tortoise. He loves pirates and playing with Mr Tumble. He likes building big brick towers and then knocking them down, but doesn’t like spiders and thunder.

At home, Finlay’s favourite place to be is his bedroom. To eat, he enjoys pasta and sausages, and his favourite colour is green. Finlay’s two older sisters chose his name. His first word was ‘dad’ and he also likes saying ‘hoover’ and ‘bum bum’.

Test 1 - October
Finlay has been working really hard testing the Buildin’ to Learn Workshop. He has really enjoyed playing with this toy especially making lots of noise with the handrill watch the video to see Finlay in action.
Test 2 - February
Finlay has had lots of fun filling up his shopping trolley with all his toys. Watch the video to see Finlay in action.
Test 3 - March
Finlay has loved pretending to be on the high seas with his new Anchors Away Pirate Ship. Watch the video here to see Captain Finlay in action.
Test 4 - May
Finlay has loved climbing and sliding on his new Giant Slide. To see Finlay in action you can watch the video here.
Test 5 - July
Finlay has been practicing his basketball skills everywhere with his new Attach ‘n Play Basketball, with over-the-door adjustable height settings. Watch this little sports star master our Attach ‘n Play Basketball.

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