The Importance of a Community

Being a new parent is such as special time in anyone’s life and if you’re lucky you’ll have the support of a fantastic network of parents and friends who can help you along the way.  But if you’re not quite so lucky or need an answer to a question on-the-go, then parenting platforms and websites often have fantastic online communities you can turn to.

At Loved By Parents, we now have 637,000 followers who regularly contribute to our community chats. It’s a place where parents can go to communicate with other parents who might have children the same age as them for example, so might well be going through the same parenting trials and tribulations as they are!  You might find yourself craving morale support whilst feeding in the middle of the night or want to manage teething or know how to start weaning, and with so many friendly people going through the same things, there’s no end of advice out there.  Some people just post the off question from time to time and others log on daily – giving and receiving advice as they need it.

It’s really wonderful to log on and see all the help and sharing of tips which goes on between parents.  Would you believe our most popular forum is called the 3am Club where mums can chat to each other as they do the night feeds!  I’ve been told so many times by our followers that it’s been a saviour to them.  We also have ‘A Reader Asks’ section, where we show a reader’s question and then post the answers our community have given – so everyone can share the knowledge and advice.

So if you haven’t checked out online communities- have a look at– there’s lots of help and support out there.

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