The gift guide: Toys for a five year old

As they head toward another developmental milestone, five year olds are all about testing boundaries, asserting their independence and being as socially interactive as they can be. If you’re looking to buy toys for five year olds, read on to find out how you can encourage their new-found confidence.

By age five, children have a much clearer sense of identity. They’re thriving bundles of joy who take great delight in telling stories and putting into practice new skills learned. The best toys for five-year-old boys and girls build on these newly acquired skills from school learning and propel that ever-growing confidence. Here, we discuss our favourite toys to keep up with the child who’s always on the move and never stops learning.

Crazy Blender Game

The hilarious Crazy Blender (£16.99) brings hours of fast-paced fun. Players take turns feeding the matching fruit cards into the blender before it spits them back out at random. Whoever is the first to get rid of all their cards is the winner – but players have to be quick. Youngsters will giggle all the way through this fun game.

Crazy Toaster Game

The fun, colourful Crazy Toaster (£16.99) makes for an entertaining time as children move quickly to catch the toasted bread as it pop up. The game includes 25 fruit pieces and is suitable for two to four players – so ideal for group play. Whether you’re considering presents for a five-year-old boy or girl, this one is up there with the best of them.

L.O.L Surprise! Chill Out Inflatable Chair

It can be a busy old time being a five year old – they’ll need somewhere to sit and chill out once they’ve finished with all that active play! L.O.L Surprise! Chill Out Inflatable Chair (£19.99) is the ultimate bedroom accessory and perfect for those times when the birthday boy or girl has friends round.



Tasty Junior Bake ‘n Share Kitchen

At five years old, children are particularly eager to learn and love nothing more than exploring and creating. Tasty Junior Bake ‘n Share Kitchen (£109.99) stokes little imaginations and helps wannabe chefs get creative. They’ll never be short of ideas for things to cook – with 38 accessories and some fun recipe cards, this kitchen has it all!

2-in-1 Food Truck

This charming Food Truck (£149.99) gives little entrepreneurs the inspiration to open their very own business. It has two themes – ice creams or hot dogs – and comes with over 40 accessories, including a cash register, chalkboard and order notepad. Watch as they play shop and enjoy taking orders and serving delicious food.

Springlings Surprise Poppin’ Treehouse

If you’re sifting through ideas for gifts for five year olds and still drawing a blank, try to think of their existing toys and others that could nicely complement them. If the little one you’re buying for collects Springlings, this Poppin’ Treehouse (£39.99) is the ideal home for them all. It can hang a whole family of Springlings and even comes with one to add to their collection.

YouDrive Rescue Chopper

This is a remote-controlled helicopter with a difference. YouDrive Rescue Chopper (£34.99) has a real steering controller, meaning little pilots can feel even more in control. With auto-hover technology and real working headlights, it’ll be like the real think flying overhead!

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