Squeezoos Aye-Aye-Specs

Aye-Aye SpecsTM

Hi! I'm Aye-Aye Specs. I'm a scientist who loves to mouse around the lab. When my experiments go well, I've been known to bubble over with excitement.

Squeezoos Boo-Boo-Bunny

Boo-Boo BunnyTM

Try and catch me! I'm Boo-Boo Bunny, and always hopping around making house calls. But as the town doctor, you can always count on me to lend an ear.

Squeezoos Miss-Moo-Moo


I'm Miss Moo-Moo, the real moo-ver and shaker in town. I adore fashion and love to milk every moment in the spotlight.

Squeezoos Nay-Nay-Fantasy

Nay-Nay FantasyTM

Hi, friend! I'm Nay-Nay Fantasy, a pony who dreams of being a magical unicorn. I'm certain if I live by the unicorn code, anything is possible!

Squeezoos Ra-Ra-Tumbles

Ra-Ra TumblesTM

Look at me, I’m Ra-Ra TumblesTM. You’ll never feel sad when we’re together because I’ll always cheer you on! I will stand on my head or put a smile on your face...

Squeezoos Tu-Tu-Whiskers

Tu-Tu WhiskersTM

Nice to meet you! I'm Tu-Tu Whiskers. I was born to dance, but my paws don't know it. I may not always be en pointe, but I dance to my own beat.

Squeezoos Tuf-Tuf-Tusks


Hello there! I'm Tu-Tuf Tusks. if something is broken, you can count on me to fix it! My toolbelt of tape is all I need to hold this town together.

Welcome to the bright and bubbly world of Squeezoos!

Age Range: 3 Years +

Squeezoos are bright and bubbly toys designed to offer up a super silly surprise when you squeeze them! Full of wonderful characters, children of all ages will enjoy pretend play with these squishy figures.

Let little ones collect the super cool squeezy toys and then watch as they use their imaginations to create stories featuring all the gang! Add in cool extras like the Bubble Bus and our larger figurine characters for added fun.

Range Highlights

  • Squeeze ‘em

    Squeeze the figures for a super silly surprise!

  • Collect them all

    Get the whole gang together for endless fun!

  • Bright & Vibrant

    Keeps the kids entertained for hours!

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