My First Mighty Blasters and superhero play

Superheroes, villains and their powers have sparked our children’s imaginations for generations! Superhero play is common in those early years, teaching a real lesson that superheroes come in all shapes, sizes and guises. And Little Tikes’ My First Mighty Blasters have been designed to offer little ones a fun but safe way of acting out their imagination!



Boom! Find those secret powers!

We’re launching a new toy range – My First Mighty Blasters – to give children superpowers with blasters that are cool, safe and easy to use! What makes this range different is that it’s perfect for kids aged three and up thanks to oversized and soft pods, bright cartoon designs and a simple launch system that little hands can easily work with no need for parent help.

As toddler/preschooler toys, each blaster is really simple to load with Power Pods – colourful fabric bags with quirky designs and filled with a super-soft stuffing. Power Pods come in ball and egg shapes and each have a different name so little ones can fire ‘Shark Bite’, ‘Hurricane Wind’ or ‘Shock Wave’, for instance, and ramp up their imagination! Loading them up is all part of the fun too! The front-loading mechanism has been designed for small hands that are still learning and developing. The blasters are large and chunky so easy to grab hold of. Your little one can hold the blaster in one hand, while pulling the handle back with the other hand, let go and wait for it… The internal catch releases, pelting their chosen Power Pod across a whopping 12-foot blasting range!


Meet the blasters!


The Boom Blaster’s bright colours and easy-to-grasp pull-back trigger make this blaster a hit with little ones! It comes with Red Fireball and Missile Launch Power Pods, as well as a secret third one that’s revealed once the package has been opened! Don’t miss the pop-out monster target on the back of the packaging to fire the pods at.



Double up on fun with the Dual Blaster! Blast two Power Pods at once! Again, loading up is easy with the simple pull-back trigger and front loading. Dual Blaster comes with six Power Pods – Magma, Dino Smash, Webs, Spikes, Shock Wave and a hidden, secret one that’s revealed once out of the packaging! Load one in each barrel and don’t forget your monster target found and the back of the box, ready to pop out for target practice.



Mighty Bow can be used as a bow and arrow-style blaster or turned and fired like a crossbow. With the easy pull-back trigger, little ones can blast last their chosen Power Pod – it comes with Magic, Wind, Shark Bite and a secret power, revealed once the packaging is opened!


Superheroes – encourage their imagination

The great thing about superhero play is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth! This type of play is about confidence and stretching our little superheroes’ imaginations – give them a few key props, materials or resources and what follows is the best bit! When they take part in superhero play, they’re showing independence and developing vital physical skills too. Superhero play is their chance to act out scenarios based on their understanding of their own little world around them. My First Mighty Blasters has been developed to bring out this imagination and encourage fun role play, as they choose their own ‘superpowers’ to fire! Additional Power Packs are available so the fun doesn’t have to be cut short!


Take a look at our suggestions for superhero play:


Act out a favourite superpower

Talk to your little ones about their favourite superhero and ask them to describe what their favourite superpower would be. Ask them to act it out and show you what it would look like. If they were a superhero, what would their name be? Children learn the most when they’re having fun – and this is a great way to help them learn some lovely traits and feel like the superheroes they are!


Make costumes and enjoy group play

Help your preschoolers get creative and make costumes to feature alongside their Mighty Blasters. Superheroes come in all forms but even a bin liner can be turned into a magic cape or cloak, while a simple cardboard cut-out and string makes a great hat or bandana. Mighty Blasters are perfect for group play and mixed aged groups. Mums, dads and other adults can get just as involved – don’t forget your imagination and Power Pods!


Superhero obstacle course

Wearing their superhero costumes and armed with their Mighty Blasters, little ones can take on a fun obstacle course created by you! Have them practice their superhero skills by running through a hula hoop, weaving in and out of objects or jumping over a pile of cushions. They can blast at the baddies (you) who try to block their way!


Monster target practice

The monsters found on the back of the packaging of each blaster make great targets! Each blaster can fire the Power Pods within a 12-foot blasting range. Have fun with positioning your targets around the house or garden and see if your little ones can hit them right in the middle of their open mouths!



Head over to My First Mighty Blasters to find out more about our exciting range! Think your little one is a dab hand at target practice with their blaster? Show us by sharing images or videos on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube we’d love to hear from you!


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