Making Play Exciting

Witnessing your baby’s development is exciting and there are so many things that you can do to help them reach their milestones. Seeing your baby conquer new territory such as crawling, is incredibly rewarding and having toys that can encourage, enrich and support these new behaviours can make the transition from tummy time through to crawling and standing behaviours feel as easy as ABC.

A great way to engage your child is to make their play environment stimulating and the Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course offers the perfect solution for aiding and encouraging a range of behaviours, including the key milestones of sitting, crawling and standing.

Babies love being rewarded and having lots of reinforcing stimuli such as musical sounds and peek a boo mirrors combined with clackers and nobs to turn makes your babies playtime fun, whilst serving a whole host of positive developmental opportunities.

Babies are naturally adventurous and are constantly trying to find new ways of exploring their environment. Having toys that reflect these behaviours make the journey of self-discovery a joyful one. The adventure course has 15 stimulating ways to play, which means your child is positively challenged in a variety of fun ways that support milestone achievement.

What makes this toy particularly inviting is its ability to grow with your child as it can be used from six months all the way through to three years of age.

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