Little Tikes’ perfect night in: The board game edit

As the nights draw in and the winter weather takes hold, we find ourselves once again racking our brains for more creative ways to entertain the children indoors. Not to worry – Little Tikes has you covered with the release of its latest collection.

A trio of board games, this is fast-paced fun perfect for all the family to get involved in. Let us introduce you to our exciting new toys that we’ve no doubt will encourage shrieks of laughter echoing through the house and result in quality family time.

Crazy Blender Game

Children can learn all about matching pairs and test their patience in this hilarious game. Crazy Blender Game is suitable for two to four players – mix the fruit cards in the blender in the right order to win the game. But watch out – they could fly out at any moment!

Crazy Toaster Game

Little ones are in for hours of fun when they take part in this frenzied game. Crazy Toaster gets them moving as they hold out their pans to catch the flying toast. Once the toaster is empty, check everybody’s pans to find out who has the most matching pieces – they win the game. Watch out for the smelly fish though – don’t let them put you off your game!

Hot Hoops

This double-sided basketball game allows little ones to shoot hoops whenever and wherever they fancy. Suitable for one or two players, Hot Hoops is great for encouraging group play and introducing a little competitiveness into the mix. They’ll love the non-stop action, as spring-loaded shooters fire shots at the hoops, while a tube quickly feeds the ball to the other side ready for the opponent to shoot again.

The weather might be limiting how much you and your family can do outdoors but for us, it provides the perfect excuse to cosy up together for a night of hilarious fun. Take a look at our top tips for hosting the perfect games night.

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