Little Movers

Is your little one constantly focusing on physical skills like learning to crawl, walk, run and generally tire Mummy and Daddy out?At the pre-toddler and toddler stage, your baby is a ‘Little Mover’ for the time being – look! He’s off again!

Some babies prefer to be on the move. Achieving the physical skills associated with sitting up, crawling, becoming upright, standing and beginning to walk are their main goals and practicing all of these endlessly is the main focus. For these little ones play involves physical skills associated with whole body movement, co-ordination and balance. As toddlers they are always on the move, which means Mum and Dad have to be too!

Toys Little Movers are likely to enjoy: Rockers, Snug and Secure Swing, Ride-ons, Push-alongs – Play Turtle, Push Popper and the Gas and Go Mower.

Little Movers become more adventurous over time and enjoy the physical sensations of movement that can be more vigorous and exciting. Once they have a certain level of body control, then they want to move on to sliding, swinging, jumping and climbing. These are all things they enjoy doing for themselves– so be on hand to support this independence, but don’t be surprised if they insist they can do it on their own!

Toys they are likely to enjoy as they get a bit bigger: Push ‘n’ Ride Walker, Climb and slide, Doubledecker super slide, Swing seat, Tyre swing, Wooden play equipment and inflatables, and just a bit later the UK’s number one selling car, the Cozy Coupe.

Overarching theme among these products: transport, home and out and about

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