Little Grown-ups

Is your little one always trying to copy you and their older siblings? Are they excited to dress up and play at being an adult? Just like adults, some babies are more socially orientated than others and want to be around Mummy and Daddy all the time, pretending to cook, clean and drive a car – they’re ‘Little Grown-ups’ at the moment but be careful not to blink! It won’t be long before they’re old enough to think they can do everything for themselves.

Some babies and toddlers are more socially oriented than others and as they grow they love to be involved in what Mummy and Daddy are doing. Having tea sets, pretend food and phones of their own is fun and it gets others joining in the game. As they learn about pretend games and being able to take on the role of chef, fireman or driver, they are also learning lots about what adults often take for granted such as going shopping, preparing and sharing meals, keeping house and helping others out. Swapping roles and for a while trying out being a grown-up, is something that lots of children really enjoy.

For Little Grown-ups, imaginative role play means that young children can try out being exactly that. However, they may also want to go on to try out other more fantasy roles such as pirates or princesses at times.

Toys Little Grown-ups are likely to enjoy: Ultimate Cook Kitchen, Play houses (Pic on the Patio, Garden cottage, Princess, Castle, play kitchens, Bathtime Tea, Soapy Sub Shop), Cozy Coupe (classic, fire rescue cab, police car)

Overarching theme among products: home, outdoor/garden and kitchens

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