Introducing Learn & Play: a range to encourage learning and development

When it comes to little ones’ growth, there’s no better way to encourage their learning and development than through play! Designed for growing children aged between six months and six years, the Little Tikes Learn & Play range encourages the development of each core skill set, from emotional to physical and everything in-between.

The vibrantly coloured, interactive toys of the Learn & Play range will keep your Little Tike challenged and learning, and – most importantly – having fun.

Here, we take a look at each toy in the range so you can find the perfect addition to your child’s playtime.

My Buddy

Designed to grow with children from six months to three years old, My Buddy is an adorable elephant plush that gives the best cuddles. Choose between Lalaphant (in pink) and Triumphant (in blue) and watch as your little one and their new best friend experience lots of fantastic firsts together, from discovering textures and sensations (from six months in age) to learning about the alphabet, counting, musical instruments and how to follow directions (from 18 months old).

Activity Garden

Encourage your growing tot to explore their world safely, with the award-winning Activity Garden. Perfect for children aged between six months to five years old, the Activity Garden can be transformed from an enclosed play environment for babies, to a two-sided play centre for toddlers. Featuring a crawl-through archway, interactive telephone, shape-sorter, music, spinning toys mirrors and clickers! The skill-building and role play possibilities are endless.

Stand ‘n Dance Starfish

No matter where your little one is in their stage of motor development, they’ll love Stand ‘n Dance Starfish! Ideal for children between nine months and three years old, babies learning to crawl and sit up will love to play the light-up keyboard with their little hands, while older babies and toddlers who are more confident on their feet will while away the hours chasing balls down the curvy slide.

Movin’ Lights Monkey

Movin’ Lights Monkey will light the way to active play for Little Tikes aged between nine and 24 months old. Designed to get your baby moving and experiencing those fantastic firsts, they’ll be inspired to crawl, chase and dance with projected lights and over 50 sounds, songs and silly phrases. Get the camera ready…

3-in-1 Sports Zone

Little athletes in the making can master football, basketball and bowling while honing their developmental skills with the 3-in-1 Sports Zone. Whether they’re boosting their coordination and confidence with a slam dunk, building gross motor skills while scoring a goal or learning about shapes and colours while bowling, Little Tikes aged nine months to three years will have hours of fun living out their sports star dreams.

3-in-1 Activity Walker

There are few moments in life more exciting than watching your child take their first steps, and the 3-in-1 Activity Walker is the perfect way to encourage those tiny feet to get moving! Alongside encouraging gross motor skills for children aged between nine months and three years, the 3-in-1 Activity Walker (also available in pink) features 70 songs, sounds and activities to help foster other developmental skills too. It’s also very versatile, it can convert into an activity table jam packed with fun and unique activities, but will also fold down for floor time play to keep little ones entertained for hours.

Count & Learn Hammer

Who says maths can’t be joyful? Little ones aged nine months to three years old will love to tap their way from one to 10 with the Count and Learn Hammer, and hear each number counted out loud. In colour mode, the hammer will cycle through different colours and voice each one – a beautiful, engaging way to introduce children to early maths education. Want to nurture your little genius’ brain development even further? Discover the best educational toys for young children.

2-in-1 Activity Tunnel

Help your one master their motor skills and understand cause and effect with the 2-in-1 Activity Tunnel! Enabling an active lifestyle is super important for children, and whether they’re playing peek-a-boo, releasing colourful balls down the twisty slides or crawling through the tunnel, toddlers aged from one to three years old will have tons of fun finding different ways to move.

Learning Activity Suitcase

‘Learning journey’ takes on a whole new meaning with the Learning Activity Suitcase! The pretend play aspect of this versatile toy will help children from two to six years old develop their imagination, social skills and vocabulary as they day trip, staycation, head off on hols or enjoy a playdate at home. Jam-packed with fun guided activities, six interactive maps, boarding pass, passport and more than 60 songs, sounds and travel phrases, the Learning Activity Suitcase will teach all about the seven continents of the world and famous landmarks, foods and animals.

Tumble Train

Is there any better sound than hearing your child laugh? With a reconfigurable track, the runaway Tumble Train randomly reverses, makes unpredictable movements and has silly sounds to keep little ones giggling. The track can even be built into a ball shape which will tumble around the floor, encouraging children to chase it. If you’re looking for a fun, engaging way to keep children aged between three and six years old active, look no further!

Roll Arounds Rollin’ Railroad

From 18 months old, toys designed to help little ones develop their fine and gross motor skills are usually vibrantly coloured and packed with surprises – much like our Roll Arounds Rollin Railroad! The train cars that come with this chunky train set are perfect for little hands to grasp, push and roll. There are hours of fun to be had, while your child also develops their hand-eye coordination and their social skills, as they learn to take turns when using the train set in group play.

Roll Arounds Turnin’ Town

For young toddlers aged 18 months old up to pre-schoolers aged four, Roll Arounds Turnin’ Town is a great toy for little ones who seem forever busy! It’s built for small hands learning to grip, while its fun sounds and music add a further interactive element. The toy cars can be moved around on their perfect-fit tracks or on their own!

My First Learning Mailbox

Wait a minute Mr Postman! Do you have a little one who loves to role play? Delivering letters is a very important job and My First Learning Mailbox facilitates their wonderful imagination! This interactive mailbox features more than 60 activities, songs and phrases that help children explore shapes, colours and numbers. There’s even an adorable soft dog – be careful he doesn’t get to the mail first!

Whether you want to help bring out your little one’s nurturing side, expand their vocabulary, get them moving or boost their brain power, there’s a toy in the Little Tikes Learn & Play range to help!

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