Introducing Fantastic Firsts and moments to treasure

The first 18 months of a baby’s life pass by in a whirlwind of glorious moments and developmental milestones. At this age, they soak up information like a sponge and quickly tick off all those ‘firsts’. Little Tikes is keen to play a part in every one of those precious memories-in-the-making and has launched Fantastic Firsts, a range to help encourage early steps, first words and growing motor skills.

The Fantastic Firsts range has been designed to provide a fun and fresh twist on some classic developmental toys and tap into the love for learning that comes so naturally to young babies and toddlers. We’ve put the spotlight on our favourite pieces from the collection.

Like music to their ears

From around six months, you’re likely to notice your baby coming into their own and beginning to express themselves through a developing interest in music. The Squishy Piano is a colourful octopus character filled with soft, sensory beads and offers two ways to play music, while My Buddy – Lalaphant (pictured) is the perfect companion for cuddles and singing and dancing fun.

A step in time

There aren’t many milestones more exciting than baby taking his or her first steps and while every child is different and develops at their own unique pace, there’s plenty you can do to ensure they’re heading in the right direction. Encourage little ones to take to their feet with the 3-in-1 Activity Walker (pictured), which is an all-round activity centre that’s been specifically designed to grow with them. This interactive toy uses lights and sounds to inspire your baby to walk and with three play modes and 70 activities, it’ll provide hours of fun right up until the age of three. Meanwhile, the Singing Sorter helps baby to develop leg strength and begin to move around independently, all the while teaching about colours and shapes.

Stack, build, repeat

At this age, it’s important to stimulate and nurture their developing minds as well as include elements of surprise to leave them delighted – and repetition is key to learning. Offering a new twist on a classic nesting toy, colourful Sleepy Stackers (pictured) bring a simple concept to life for inquisitive little minds. Mix and match three cute characters and stack them to see their sleeping eyes open. Each one contains a sound, rattle or crinkle feature for even more fun.

The social game

From around seven months, your baby will take more of an interest in their surroundings and other people. But from 13 months, your little one will learn to talk and communicate with others and you may notice attempts to make friends. Choose toys that will encourage those developing social skills and help build confidence around other children. For children aged two and above, Spinning RC (pictured) is an easy-to-use remote-controlled car that can provide lots of excitement for group play. Meanwhile, our award-winning Activity Garden has so much going on for little ones and their friends they won’t know where to start. This multi-functional toy encourages tots to explore their world and develop their fine motor skills. It can be enjoyed from six months old and can be set up as an enclosed play area or a two-sided play centre for a toddler.

Whichever developmental milestone your baby is heading towards, the Fantastic Firsts range can help them get there through exciting, hands-on play. Encourage walking, talking, independent thinking and a broad set of motor skills as well as build confidence with every ‘first’.

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