How to stage your own puppet show

Making puppets and settling in for a slightly different ‘story time’ provides a fantastic opportunity for your little one to get creative and stretch their imagination! Puppet play is a great way to entertain and engage little ones – even more so when they’ve made the puppet characters themselves.

As part of the World’s Biggest Play Date, we asked you to help your little one build an easy peasy theatre, create fun characters and put on an exciting show – but you can do this anytime. And here’s how…

Create your stage

Making your stage and theatre setting needn’t be difficult – and building it from scratch adds to the joy during the performance! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a large cardboard box and cut it to make a frame shape which can stand up.
  2. Paint or decorate your frame with some vibrant colours or bunting.
  3. Make some curtains out of bits of material and get ready to perform!

Cozy Coupe© – the star of the show

Your children’s puppet show can include any characters and themes their imagination can conjure up! You might have already made your sock puppets featuring our lovable Cozy Coupe© characters but if not, download our fun images and have your aspiring little actor colour them in and attach them to socks to make cute puppets!

We’ve even scripted a storyline – set in Cozy Coupeland – to help nudge those big imaginations into gear. Want to get to know the characters?

Cozy – He’s the star of the show and everyone’s favourite cheeky chap. But there’s trouble in the tower and he must act fast if he’s to save the love of his life.

Princess – A beautiful maiden loved by the whole of Cozy Coupeland.

Dino – A totally roarsome fellow whose cheeky personality often lands him in bother.

Fairy – Star light, star bright… This delicate and dainty pixie is big on magic and is often called to the rescue.

Police – Local bobby on the beat, Police Coupe busies himself catching the baddies and making sure all is calm in Cozy Coupeland.

Grab your puppets, take to your theatre and download our fun script to see what’s in store for Cozy Coupeland.

We’d love to see what brilliant fun you have with your puppet show. Have one of the family film it! Send us your videos on Instagram using #Worldsbiggestplaydate and don’t forget to let us know where in the UK you are Playing Big!

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