Dr. Amanda Recommends

Meet The Expert - Dr. Amanda Gummer

Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Gummer, independent play expert for Little Tikes and a leading authority on play and child development. I’ve spent my life working with toys so I know what’s good and why! Let me share some of my favourite products from the Little Tikes’ new range with you…

The brand new Lil’ Ocean Explorers range aims to create active and imaginative play by focusing on three key stages of development: sitting up, crawling and standing. The eight lovable sea creatures make up a fantastic range of toys to help very young children develop essential gross motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, movement and balance as well as curiosity and trial and error learning.



Multi-stage - 3-IN-1 OCEAN ADVENTURE COURSE: Built for adventure and designed to last

The 3-in-1 Ocean Adventure Course is a one-stop toy featuring 15+ activities, including music, that will develop and grow alongside your baby. A sitting baby can touch, feel and explore the textures, characters and different shapes on the course, a crawler can go through the tunnel and travel around this fun toy, and those wanting to stand can try to at different levels. 

 Skills Developed

  • Develops gross and fine motor skills
  • Encourages curiosity and trial and error learning
  • Sensory development
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination


Stage 1 - SITTING: Get your little one sitting up and taking notice with Dunk 'n Juggle Seal

If your baby is approaching six months, you have to consider the Dunk ‘n Juggle Seal. It is perfect for babies trying to sit and crawl as they will want to be involved in a fun game of dunking the balls! It promotes problem-solving with little ones having to pick up balls, placing them in the hoop and collecting them again.

 Skills Developed

  • Develops gross and fine motor control
  • Helps build hand-eye coordination
  • Music and clapping encourage children to keep playing


Stage 2 - CRAWLING: Encourage hand-eye coordination with Catch Me Crabbie

Catch Me Crabbie is a key toy in the range when it comes to the fun factor. Watch as the cheeky crustacean moves from one side of the room to another and get your child to catch him if they can. If your little one isn’t crawling yet, this can help as it’s fun and enticing. If you already have a walker, this provides lots of imaginative play and helps their coordination when they try and catch it! 

 Skills Developed

  • Helps to develop gross motor skills
  • Helps build hand-eye coordination


Stage 3 - STANDING: From sitting to standing with Stand 'n Dance Starfish

The Stand ‘N Dance Starfish encourages your baby to create music and dance along.  The light-up keyboard can be played by little hands when sitting, or by little feet when standing and dancing. The curvy tower helps your baby to pull themselves up to a standing position. Then they can make the balls spiral down the ball drop, and crawl after them! It definitely held our little testers’ attention!

 Skills Developed

  • Helps build strength and confidence in standing up
  • Encourages dancing and making music
  • Develops gross motor skills


Fun Development with Active Play: Crawl 'n Pop Turtle

As soon as your baby is starting to sit up and take note of their surroundings, I would suggest the Crawl ‘n Pop Turtle. Get them exploring, problem solving and developing their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motoring skills with this turtle shape sorter. When your baby does start crawling, the fun doesn’t stop: the turtle will move, zig-zagging along with some lively music. The surprises will keep coming when the blocks POP out of the shell and your little one can play the game all over again.

 Skills Developed

  • Encourages movement, supporting gross motor skills
  • Lets children practice their logic skills
  • Familiarises babies with shapes