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For super special offers and goodies galore, join our Cozy Coupe® Club and get everything your little one needs to ride in style. We will send your little driver a welcome pack complete with a personalised number plate designed to fit perfectly on the back of their Cozy Coupe®, a cool Cozy T-shirt, their very own driving licence, and they’ll even receive a card from Cozy when their next birthday comes around! As a club member you’ll be the first to find out about special offers, competitions and events, we’ll even send you a car window sticker so mums and dads can join in too!

 UK mainland delivery only.

Age 12 months - 5 years
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Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.


Key Features

Welcome Pack

Once you join the club, you'll little driver will be sent a welcome pack full of goodies!


  • Personalised Number Plate 
  • Cool Cozy T-Shirt 
  • Licence Card
  • A birthday card from Cozy (when their next birthday comes around)
  • Car Window Sticker 

The personalised number plate is engraved on high quality plastic and is designed to fit perfectly on all Cozy Coupe® models. 

Number plates are not compatible with the Grand Coupe, Spray & Rescue Fire Truck, Cozy Truck, Cozy Truck Princess, Cozy Coupe Sport or Princess Horse & Carriage

Remember to check your Licence Plate wording and refrain from using unusual characters before heading to the checkout!

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