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Is your little one always excited to watch and touch everything you show them?

Your young baby is probably a 'Little Learner' at the moment, watching and absorbing everything you show him, attracted by new shapes and textures. Using their eyes and hands some babies just respond to everything you show them, watching and listening carefully. They can’t wait to try and reach or touch and do things for themselves.

Starting out with baby gyms, baby play centres, they are learning physical skills about concepts and causality – how things connect/cause and effect, sounds/actions. Later on it is about actions and consequences - making music, posting boxes, dropping balls.

Toys Little Learners are likely to enjoy: Push 'n' Ocean, Ocean gym, 5 in 1 growing gym; Activity garden, Activity Garden Plant and Play; Sort and stack train; Discover Sounds - Xylophones, piano, drum.

Overarching theme among these products: garden, sea/seaside, sounds and music

Spotlight on Push 'n' Ocean 3 in 1 Gym

This toy - presents visually stimulating elements (bright colours, well-defined shapes), puts exciting things within reach of your littl eone and provides a whole variety of sounds and movements. Young babies only gradually learn to reach, bat, feel, grasp and explore objects and the gym allows a baby to test and develop their hand-eye co-ordination skills at their own pace, whether they are lying, sitting or standing. At the same time the ocean theme helps parents and older children to join in with demonstrating the sounds and movements and naming the 'crab', 'turtle', 'shells', 'fish' and 'octopus'.

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