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Does your little one like to pull things apart and then carefully put it back together again?

Some toddlers are great at concentrating on and manipulating quite complicated toys – your little one is a 'Little Builder' today, tomorrow an award-winning architect.

Is your little one most excited about discovering new materials to play with? Be it sand, mud, food or water?

If your tot is always boldly experimenting with new materials and splashing about with water, he's probably at the 'Little Explorer' stage – be prepared for lots of messy meal and bath times.

Some babies are great at taking things apart. Little Builders are great at using their manipulative skills to put things back together too. They are happy to focus and concentrate on quite complicated toys and enjoy making them fit together and work. Construction can be indoors or outside, in the garden or on the beach, but planning and laying things out is an important element, especially as they get a bit older.

Toys Little Builders and Explorers are likely to enjoy: Stack 'n' Sort Train, Shape-sorters, Little Handiworker, Construction Peak Road, Dirt Diggers, Bulldozer and Dump Truck.

Spotlight on DiscoverSounds Stack 'n' Sort Train

This toy - is a complex and exciting one designed for lots of different activities. It will encourage exploration and manipulative skills in taking the brightly coloured train to pieces, playing with them and then putting it back together again. Taking out and fitting the driver back into his cab will encourage further dexterity, as will play with the shape sorter and stacking carriages. At the same time babies, toddlers and adults will enjoy seeing or making the whole train move, with its light on and sounding 'choo choo' as it goes.

Very often builders are also explorers, excited to learn about different materials. Their choice for play may involve water or sand to build or experiment with.

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