Becky’s Boudoir reviews Perfect Fit Trike #LTTourdeTrike

Keeping any toddler entertained (or distracted) can be a challenge so it’s essential to provide stimulating activities that’ll keep them happy and content, and hey, even prepare them for a good nap.


Little Tikes are the ultimate fun kids’ brand. Take the iconic Cosy Coupé, they’re so flipping cute, if they were around in my childhood I’d have wanted one for sure!  Little Tikes know their toys.  And little did I know, they clearly know their toddler trikes too.

Last week Reuben received an exciting delivery from Little Tikes – his very own Perfect Fit 4 in 1 Trike (RRP £89.99), in teal.

The trike is great fun – for Reuben and us parents!  It adds to the sense of adventure, getting out and enjoying the fresh air and it saves me a lot of headache too.


Read more about Reubens adventures or find out more about our Trikes range.

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