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Tiny Testers - Experts in Play

To make sure our toys are the best that they can be, we need to put them through their paces. That’s why we’re recruiting an elite team of Tiny Testers; little toy experts who know how to play with a toy to its full potential.

Could your little one be a Tiny Tester? To find the best, we invited mums, dads, guardians and grandparents to tell us about their little toy expert and to enter them into our Tiny Tester competition. Entries have now closed and our panel of judges are busy selecting the winning 6 Tiny Testers. We're are also running a competition for the public to identify our 20 most popular entries, as voted by you, who will receive a £50 credit to spend on this website! Voting closes at midday 1st October 2014.

What you can win!

On Saturday 11 October 2014 our Tiny Testers will be invited to join us at Little Tikes Toy Workshop in Milton Keynes for a fun-packed day of toy testing. Each child will be given a Starter Pack complete with a book to record their playtime discoveries, our top tips for filming and a video camera so parents can share their little one's adventures with families around the country. Each child will then be sent a range of toys to test, while parents capture their experiences on film. After the event, videos, recommendations and ratings from each of our Tiny Testers team will be featured on our website.   

Our panel of expert judges will be selecting 2 children from each of our 3 play development age ranges: Infant, Toddler and Pre-school.


But there’s more; in addition to selecting our Tiny Testers, we will be awarding the most popular Tiny Tester profiles added to our Gallery with a £50 credit against purchase on the Little Tikes website.

Vote for your favourite Tiny Testers by logging in and clicking on the "Like" button on their profile, then share with your friends and family to encourage more votes!

See our Tiny Tester Terms & Conditions 

What does it take to be a Tiny Tester?

With the help of our play expert, Dr Maggie, we’ve devised six different play style characters that we would like to recruit to our team of Tiny Testers: Professor Play, Messy Little Monkey, Little Driver, Creative Genius, Little Grown Up, Little Learner.

To help you understand these different characters, here are some top tips for creating a profile:


Create a winning Tiny Tester profile:

  • Upload a cheeky photo of your budding Tiny Tester
  • Introduce them by letting us know a few things about them
  • Help to explain their play style by telling us their favourite playtime activity
  • Let us know if your little one’s a boy or a girl
  • Fill in your details as their parent or guardian before clicking ‘Submit’
  • Don’t forget to share your Tiny Tester’s profile with family and friends to encourage votes!

What type of Tiny Tester is your little one?

Our Tiny Testers come in all shapes and sizes. You can capture their style by choosing which one of our Little Tikes Tiny Testers personalities suits your little one.

Life is one big adventure for Little Explorers. Now that they’re crawling, they’re off! They love exploring - every cupboard is a cave and sofa a summit to scale. Most objects they find go straight into the mouth for inspection and they’re drawn to flashing lights and sounds as they usually mean something new to discover!
Little Explorer
Little Grown Ups love to copy older people’s behaviour. Whether it’s playing in their playhouse, preparing meals in the play kitchen or tucking their teddies up in bed, they’re always adopting that nurturing. Whenever they are out and about, dolls and prams aren't far behind – they’re great mini parents! They are forever dressing up and especially love clomping around in a pair of mum's shoes or dads boots!
Little Grown Up
From an early age it's always been about cars for our Little Movers . Whether it's zooming toys cars around a racetrack, creating a petrol pump from a cardboard box or loading the trailer before setting off for a spin, playtime always involves vehicles. When they grow up they wants to be a rally driver... or maybe a mechanic... or maybe even a car collector!
Little Mover
Little Learners are always curious and eager to find out about things. Constantly asking questions - we’re sure their favourite word is 'why?' They enjoy looking at books and having stories read to them. They love learning something new and proudly showing off their knowledge to anyone that walks through the door!
Little Learner
Mess equals fun for our Messy Little Monkeys! Their eyes light up at the sight of anything that will cause a bit of chaos with; their favourite activities include jumping in puddles, building sandcastles, and very messy cooking. Getting stuck in is how they learn about the world and a day that doesn't involve a bit of mess is a day wasted!
Messy Little Monkey
Playtime captivates Professor Play’s imagination; they can spend hours engrossed in puzzles, building and stacking. They are thoughtful and creative with their play; they can make a game out of almost anything. They enjoy letters and numbers, so your fridge is probably covered in bright and colourful magnets!
Professor Play

Tiny Testers