Trikes adventure awaits
Ready, set, go! Find out which type of Triker our Little Tike is.

Little Trikers in three words –
Active, adventurous and happy!

Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford, his partner Susie and their little Milo form an active family. So, we thought the 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trike would be the perfect gift for Milo!

He’s grown rapidly in front of our eyes, going from parent-guided Triker to fully independent Little Triker. Together, he and Greg and have inspired the nation to get triking.

We're continuing to encourage everyone to go on healthy, active adventures with their little ones and start playing the Little Triker way!

Discover the Triker personalities below. Which one do you think describes your Little Triker best?

What types of Little Triker are there?

Why stick to the well-trodden path when there’s so much more to explore? That’s how off-road trikers think. These little adventurers take joy in everything nature has to offer. Trees, flowers, bugs… and dirt. They’ll probably grow up to be world travellers who find their own path in life.
Off Road Triker
Triking is not just fun for Tenacious Trikers. It’s also super serious business. They’re like little engineers who know every bit and bob of their trike and bring out the maximum fun from it. They’re cute, curious and soak up information like a sponge. Before long they’ll be telling you how to fix your car!
Tenacious Triker
Look, mum, look how fast I can go! Sporty trikers love to be the best at what they do. They’re full of energy and always driven to do more and more fun stuff. Of course this means that they’re also a tiny bit competitive! Is that such a bad thing, though? They’ll soon be excelling at all sorts of sports and always be in great shape.
Sporty Triker
Ah, these little ones know how to enjoy life… by just relaxing! Snoozy Trikers aren’t lazy, they just like living at a slower tempo. That makes for a happier child who’s also easier to put to sleep. One of their favourite things to do is take a nap in the car - or on the trike after a nice ride. Whatever they do, they’ll be happy. Why? Because they know how to take care of themselves.
Snoozy Triker
Nothing like the big city, especially when you’re tiny. Urban Trikers know the best spots in town for a great stroll. They’re up to date with the latest trends (with much thanks to mum and dad) and they’re forming great taste in food. That’s why they’re sometimes a bit fussy with food! Urban Trikers are already little socialites and will be the life of the party when they’re all grown up.
Urban Triker
Nothing like the calm of the countryside to bring a smile to the Country Triker’s face. These little ladies and gentlemen love animals, cosy cottages, slow rides and spending time with their families. Not only that, but they’re cheery and well-mannered, giving a smile and a wave to everyone they know. Just imagine all the fun you’ll have with them going on hikes and excursions together!
Country Triker